Saturday, February 16, 2013

Running Man - Monday Couple

lets see..
i just love Running Man!
especially Monday Couple ( Kang Gary and Ji Hyo )
they are sooo sweeeeetttttttt!!!!!!
i have watched 132 running man episodes and i can't stop smiling when it comes to monday couple moment.

*this moment is really sweet and they both looks like having a great time*

Ji Hyo and Gary is really a perfect match.
they show their affection to each other and Gary always protect Ji Hyo in any condition
my favorite episode is 34, where Gary and Ji Hyo ignore their mission and just go on a "date" and have a lunch at an Indian restaurant in Hongdae.

but thats not all, i have a list from yahoo that special for Monday Couple episode. here it is :
8 - the first hint of Gary's crush on Ji Hyo
10 - the couple awkwardly spend time together for the first time
12 - Gary lets Ji Hyo escape during Hide and Seek
14 - HaHa and the show dubs them the Monday Couple
15 - Gary raises Ji Hyo's heart rate; Joong Ki kisses Ji Hyo
16 - Ji Hyo officially declares that "on Monday, I have a man."
18 - In a pairing game, Ji Hyo chooses Gary; they have a "Titanic" moment during Hide and Seek
20 - While strapped to a lie detector, Ji Hyo admits she finds Gary attractive.
22 - The Monday Couple go "Christmas Shopping" during a game.
25 - Park Bo Young shows her support for the Monday Couple.
28 - Ji Hyo and Gary hold hands during Find the Guest; they're teamed up together with an awkward Kim Jong Kook for a karaoke game.
29 - Ji Hyo and Joong Ki betray Yoo Jae Suk, and Gary is dejected to not be on her team. The cast fills out their profiles, and Gary reveals his aspiration to be Ji Hyo's boyfriend; Joong Ki jokes that Ji Hyo should be Gary's wife.
32 - Ji Hyo and Gary go on a Valentine's Day "date" and have some cake together. They parody Secret Garden's coffee mustache gag.
34 - Ji Hyo and Gary have lunch at an Indian restaurant in Hongdae.
37 - Ji Hyo and Gary parody Secret Garden's sit-up gag.
39 - Gary declares he's tired of the Monday Couple and would rather be teamed up with one of the SNSD girls.
42 - Gary heroically saves Ji Hyo from Kim Jong Kook; Gary and Ji Hyo face off against each other as the last two survivors of the Survival Game.
45 - Gary and Ji Hyo compete against each other in the fashion model game.
46 - Gary and Ji Hyo join in in the "Office Couple" game.
48 - Ji Hyo betrays Gary in the National Treasure hunt.
52 - Ji Hyo and Gary spend lots of time together during Running Man Hunting.
54 - Ji Hyo puts lotion on Gary and spend lots of time together during the preliminary games.
55 - Ji Hyo and Gary are paired up during the preliminary games, which includes a piggyback race.
56 - Ji Hyo and Gary are paired up for the entire episode.
59 - Ji Hyo betrays Gary as part of the hidden spy team.
60 - Ji Hyo and the others prank Gary for the "True Gary Show."
62 - Ji Hyo pulls a surprise attack on Gary and the others.
65 - Gary and Ji Hyo are paired up for the episode--Ji Hyo is still not feeling well, so Gary lets her sleep in the car as he drives.
69 - Gary and Ji Hyo message each other while each is held hostage in separate rooms.
70 - Gary and Ji Hyo are teamed up together.
74 - Gary and his "lollols" protect Ji Hyo during the Survival Game.
81 - More Monday Couple quality time during the Gary Knows game.
82 - The loveline is officially declared over with the revelation of Ji Hyo's real relationship.
90 - The Monday Couple's awkward reteaming.
93 - The Monday Couple briefly team up to try to take Kim Jong Kook down in the first round of the Survival Game.
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although it seems they match, i just can't believe that Gary and Ji Hyo break up :(
and I heard that Ji Hyo is going out with some man.
i'm a worse fans ever cuz i hope that Ji Hyo break up with that man and back with Gary.
 i'm gonna still updating the list
so that all for now
Go Monday Couple!


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